Well-Being Test

Free Well-Being Test

Take this free test if you want to find out how to improve your Well-Being. Your responses to this survey are entirely voluntary and will be stored anonymously and securely.

Well-Being and a good mindset are the best tools to alleviate common problems such as unhappiness or stress and to help one overcome depression or anxiety. We believe that people equipped with the right tools can find the appropriate solutions to all challenges they face.

The purpose of this free Well-Being test is to evaluate yourself at this moment in time and find a baseline from which you start your initial behaviour evaluation. It is important to repeat this Free Well-Being Assessment later to evaluate your progress or after you have completed our programmes. You can choose to do this at any time you feel a positive change. Alternatively, in the See Forward C> app, you are prompted to take the Well-Being Test again.

Our mood or baseline behaviour is not constant. It oscillates as we encounter and interact with other people and as we are exposed to various external situations that invariably influence our daily lives.

Your results are confidential. A low score is possibly a true representation of the fact that you are being honest and true to yourself. If you are not true to yourself, this might be one of the reasons you struggle to find structure and happiness in your life. The best way to change limiting beliefs and eliminate unwanted behaviour is to make full use of the programmes carefully selected in our Mobile App. Then, follow up with a coaching session in order to set your priorities.

This free Well-Being test takes around 3 minutes to complete.