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Corporate well-being platform.

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Corporate well-being platform

Following the basic principles from personal coaching, we designed our corporate well-being platform to allow companies to use the same coaching principles: we can provide solutions and ask questions but it's up to organisations to decide what is the appropriate strategy in line with their mission.

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A quick fix cannot deliver long-term results. C> has implemented a structure capable to deliver habit forming benefits. 60 to 128 days programmes apply the principles of modern neuroscience, psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming to make our brain and body better.

Coaching, Workshops

Business and life coaching for people who want to get better at living. Coaching or one to one sessions with specialists for a more hands on approach. Workshops designed to build forward-looking workplace cultures and further prioritise well-being and a healthy mindset.

Well-being consultancy

We help companies design bespoke wellbeing strategies and align company mission with the employee mindset. We review policies to better align and foster wellbeing and deploy the action plan. The Well-being corporate strategy covers performance measures and targets for 3 to 5 years and includes check ins and annual reviews.

Human-centered wellness

See Forward C> is a leading Workplace Well-being Consultant offering Well-being and Mindset Employee Assistance Programmes, Coaching and Workshops.

See Forward C> provides Positive-Thinking Reinforcement Programmes for employees & leaders, each with embedded positive thinking components.

A quick fix cannot deliver long-term results. Our Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) implement a structure capable of delivering habit forming benefits. 60 to 128 days programmes apply the principles of modern neuroscience, psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming to make our brain and body better.

Creating a positive and engaged workplace culture which is human-centered and mindful of the health & wellbeing of all employees has become, in many ways, the number one priority for all businesses today. We have developed employee assistance programs in order to increase health & wellness, employee success journeys, employee engagement and employee retention. Our programmes aim to cover the full employment contract, increase company profitability and corporate social responsibility for businesses.

Employee Assistance Programmes for Well-being, Mindset and Resilience

The core goal at See Forward C> is to support the creation of new neuronal pathways around positive thoughts, helping the person to open up to different and limitless choices.

We aim to help people and businesses introduce practical growth patterns to further cultivate a forward-looking mindset in the workplace. We achieve our goals through immediately applicable and manageable forward-looking practices.

We understand that if we focus on a positive mindset, we can help people increase their resilience and improve mental health. With a positive mindset, we develop a well-organized, efficient mind, one that is confident and undistorted. This builds the foundation of a healthier self, mentally and physically, as a lack of clarity and unpredictability leads to unnecessary stress which reduces energy efficiency and through cortisol exposure, increases rapid ageing along with associated health risks.

Each Employee Assistance Program developed is backed by professionals or specialists from that area of interest and we are ready to further guide you on your journey.

Our Team

Cosmin Saltan

Cosmin Saltan is a Yale University alumnus who studied the Science of Wellbeing and is the founder of See Forward C>. He completed a Diploma in Business Management, holds a Bachelor of Economics, and studied Investment Management with Geneva Finance Research Institute. Over the last 15 years he led projects and operational change, designed and integrated new departments in various industries across Europe. Cosmin is passionate about discovering new tools and patterns to help people improve their habits and get better at living. He holds a Life Coaching Certification, completed a Mindfulness Certification and a diploma in Essentials of Hypnotherapy with Hypnotherapy Business Academy.

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is an ex-athlete who has Commonwealth Games and World Championships experience in goal setting, mental focus, habit and performance. He is now a Management Consultant MBA + Change Management Practitioner used to helping organisations deliver projects and change. Methods and tools like PRINCE, Agile, Scrum, Lean and Six-Sigma provide structure and help governance and control. But success depends on people. Tim is a Chartered Management Institute tutor, an International Coaching Federation Coach and IoD Mentor. Though a combination of consulting, coaching, facilitation and training, Tim helps people, teams and organisations achieve their goals. His focus is practical upon capability, output and outcomes.

Charles Taymour

Charles Taymour is a development & progress consultant who’s been training companies and helping clients internationally since 2003. A high energy and magnetic speaker with a simple, pragmatic & powerful approach. A certified personal & executive coach, a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Society of NLP, USA, Thought Field Therapist, Havening & PsyTap practitioner, as well as a law society accredited civil & commercial mediator with London School of Mediation. Over 14 years of personal coaching, corporate training and business coaching experience including graduate programs within the education, media, communications, finance, advertising, manufacturing and energy industries in US, Europe and the Middle East.

Celine Langat

Celine Langat is a research psychologist who holds a BA in Counselling Psychology. She believes that there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health and therapy, as well as little knowledge on well-being that needs to be addressed. She worked as a counselling consultant and Mental Health Counsellor at the Kericho County Referral Hospital where she gained expertise in working on one on one therapy sessions, child and adolescent counselling and outreach programs to communities. In addition to counselling sessions, she is involved in various research projects on psychological issues affecting the society and general psychological topics including drug and substance abuse among the young adults and youth.

James Carré-Rice

James Carré-Rice, a British writer, public speaker, and best-selling author, can challenge any audience and has the inspirational testimony to back it up! After spending his adolescent years engulfed in violence and incarceration, he discovered the keys to complete freedom at the age of 22, and has never stopped helping others do the same since. James peels back the layers of self-made doubt to find out who individuals really are, what they're all about, and where they should be headed. James is an eloquent storyteller with the charisma to get right to the heart of the topic. James has previously directed Youth Courts in New York and led a number of government-funded crime-fighting projects in the United Kingdom.

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