See Forward C> Mobile App

Positive-Thinking Reinforcement Programmes for Employees & Leaders, Each with Embedded Positive Thinking Components.

We live in a busy environment where the pressure to perform is higher than ever before. Technology, used indiscriminately, can have a detrimental effect on our peace of mind, but it’s only up to every user to transform it into a beneficial instrument. See Forward C> Mobile App for mindset and mental health was built with the purpose to boost our state of mind, thus enhance our abilities and provide the right tools to fight depression or stress. needs to go under the See Forward C> Mobile App.

The core goal is to support the creation of new neural pathways around positive thoughts, helping the person to open up to different and limitless choices.

See Forward C> programmes use a set of patterns and processes designed to train our minds and change the conditioning and limiting beliefs with minimum effort required.


Business and life coaching for people who want to get better at living.

Business, life coaching or 1:1 sessions with specialists for a more hands-on approach. See Forward C> offers a set of patterns and processes meant to train our minds, change conditioning and limiting beliefs with minimum effort required. We are passionate about helping businesses and people improve their lives and overcome difficult times. We achieve this through sustainable long-term patterns meant to help people be more resilient, increase their mental strength, better cope with stressors and identify positive or negative patterns.


Workshops for private or business audiences designed to prioritise a healthy mindset and improve mental health.

We share both fundamentals and newfound knowledge around forward-looking mindset and workplace cultures by creating a new kind of dialogue and exchange on the topic of workplace culture building.

The mindset and mental health services delivered by See Forward C> are designed to create a forward-looking workplace, focusing on Employee Health & Wellness Programmes, Employee Success Journeys, Employee Engagement and Employee Retention. We aim to introduce both employer-centric and employee-centric areas of focus.

The informative talks by See Forward C> are introducing practical ways to further cultivate a forward-looking mindset through immediately applicable and manageable forward-looking practices & patterns.

We welcome your comments & suggestions, so please contact us to discuss more about the workshops we organise.

Training, Seminars

Training, Seminars or Lunch & Learns organised for smaller groups to further deepen the mindset and mental health awareness.

The C-Suite “Syntony” Engagement Think Tank: Support C-Suite in building custom employee-centric programs to support their success, engagement & retention through a series of powered lunch & learns and design sessions.

The Engagement Lunch & Learn Series: A series of experiential workshops designed to support HR Directors and their teams in achieving optimal employee success, experience & engagement.