Corporate well-being platform

The See Forward Corporate Well-being Platform allows HR leaders and directors to organise employees based on departments, branches, regions, countries, etc. The Well-being assessment pulls data from employees and allows organisations to benchmark their score. This can be later used to measure or compare well-being at employee, department, branch or company level. Once benchmarked, the well-being score can be compared YoY, depending on managerial or strategy changes, or before and after workshops, training, events, etc.Like any other technology based solution, we can generate, interrogate or interpret any bespoke information if needed.

The Well-being Corporate Platform focuses on providing tools to increase well-being, happiness and overall mindset for current employees or addressing the situation of those recently unemployed/ redundant. Psychological tests and assessments are designed to reveal improvement areas. The chosen training module is delivered through our mobile or web platform across jurisdictions, remote teams or employees working from home.

Because a quick fix will not deliver long term solutions, the structure of our training is capable of delivering habit forming benefits through modules that run from 60 to 120 days. See Forward C> helps people reach the well-being they seek with a minimum amount of effort.